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地震発生時 福島市 国道4号線

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地震発生時 福島市 国道4号線
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Japan National Route 4 in Fukushima city at the time of earthquake occurrence.The Japanese text is followed by an English translation.
しばらくすると、上り車線に連なった車の先、約200メートル遠方で、道路沿いの山側斜面で、土砂が崩落している様子をカメラが捉えた。急ぎ、現場に走り出すスタッフたち。思わず「危ない! 逃げろ!!」という叫びを発する。
大小の土石がまだ転がり落ちてくる中、ひっくり返った乗用車の中の人を気遣うスタッフたち。心配している人々の前に、その乗用車の運転手が現れた。土砂に巻き込まれる直前に、無事脱出していたのだ。 まさに間一髪の出来事であったことを、その運転手は口にした。
全員の無事を確認し、さらに上り方向に向かうスタッフたち。 あちこちで道路が損壊し、崩れた道路に埋まっていた水道管もむき出しとなり、破損した管から大量の水が流れ出していた。あふれた水は、低地の住宅地へと流れ込む。

[映像中に登場するレポーターは、福島テレビ 千田淳一 記者]

Footage: Capture of the earthquake from the moment of its occurrence within Fukushima city. A strong 5 on the JMA seismic intensity scale. A staff member from Fukushima TV at the scene recorded the footage from Japan National Route 4 (Southern Fukushima by-pass) approximately 5km south of Fukushima station near Fushiogami district. Amid the great swaying, passing cars make their emergency stops. Journalists desperately make efforts to report from the scene. The bodies of cars parked on the road are also swaying along. After a while, the camera captures a landslide on the mountain slope along the road ahead of a line of parked cars on the traffic lane headed north approximately 200 meters in the distance. Staff run to the scene hurriedly, screaming “Watch out! Run!!” At the scene of the landslide, a truck had been buried in soil, and behind it was a passenger car completely turned over. The escaped truck driver describes the horror he has just experienced. As soil and stones large and small continue to tumble down, staff are concerned with the driver inside the passenger car. It was then that the driver appeared in front of their worried faces. It turns out that he had safely escaped before being covered by the landslide. The driver went on to explain that he escaped by a hairsbreadth. Confirming everyone’s safety, the staff head further up north.
The road has been destroyed in places, water pipes formerly covered in collapsed roads now exposed, gallons of water flowing out from broken pipes. The water overflows to a residential area of lowlands. The national route overlooking the landscape of a quiet city in the distance is now stalled with a string of cars. The fire truck’s siren can be heard. Withstanding repeated aftershocks, the crash barrier of the central divider swings, emitting an uncanny sound.

-Reporter appearing in the footage is Junichi Chida of Fukushima TV-

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